TradeAmericanCard is the largest independently owned and locally operated trade exchange in Southern California. TradeAmericanCard participates in the BANC (Barter Association National Currency) – a program that allows our members to conduct business with other barter companies nationally using a common currency. TradeAmericanCard is a founding member of NATE (National Association of Trade Exchanges).

With TradeAmericanCard, members accumulate trade dollars when someone uses your service. You spend the trade dollars with any business in the exchange – not just the business that used your service. TradeAmericanCard membership results in new sales that would not normally be received along with improved cash flow by offsetting cash expenses.

There are many benefits to joining TradeAmericanCard:

As a member, you have a broad spending base eliminating the one-to-one trade.
Offset cash expenses to preserve cash flow to pay for fixed operating costs.
Trade business is new business you would not normally receive.
Trade customers are a source for cash referrals.
Their staff will assist you with spending and earning trade dollars.
During a recession, trade business is in demand as sales voids are filled.
Trade dollars may be used to advertise and generate cash business.
Network with hundreds of business owners through TradeAmericanCard.
TradeAmericanCard promotions for members include: Flyer mailers, Business Expos, Online Membership Directory, email marketing, personal calls by certified Trade Brokers.

TradeAmericanCard is a New Opportunity For Your Business