Light Up My Holiday was started with a simple concept: to light up Orange County. They aim to bring a creative approach to their boutique lighting designs. Early on, they noticed that most of the industry was filled with corporate style lighting contractor companies who mass produced average to poor quality installations from owners with negligible creative inspiration. This is why Light Up My Holiday offers a small boutique style solution.

They inspect each space, the landscaping and any existing décor elements, then they analyze how they can enhance the space using their high-quality products and creative ideas. By using a variety of different light strings, bulbs, figures and careful light positioning, they’ll maximize the overall mood effect, resulting in beautiful homes and event spaces after dark. They are creative artists and light is how they make dreams come true.

A friendly source of professional, decorative lighting for special events and weddings, backyard patio, Christmas and other Holiday style lighting. Offering custom designs with high quality and professional grade LED lighting products.

Trust in Light Up My Holiday to light up your space and make your dreams come true!

You can contact Light Up My Holiday by calling (888) 406-2719 or sending an email to or click here to visit their website.

Light Up My Holiday