“Battle Brotherhood” depicts the journey of both American and Russian veterans through their experiences in combat and life post-war

Red Carpet Premiere November 1, 2015 – 5PM at TCL Chinese Theatre Honors Film’s Prime Subject, Late Veteran David Lyon (seen above);  Lyon’s Parents & Family To Be on Hand for Posthumous Honor

The Documentary Film: Battle Brotherhood depicts the journey of both American and Russian veterans through their experiences in combat and life post-war.

BATTLE BROTHERHOOD will make its Hollywood premiere Sun., Nov. 1, at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX®.  A number of special guests and military will attend the screening at which the late David Lyon, one of the film’s main subjects, will be posthumously honored.

For these men, the bloodshed and tragedies they have endured has created an unbreakable bond that see’s no boundaries. In spite of their losses on the battlefield, these veterans have overcome great obstacles in order to give back to their community. They share one common vision; that no matter what army you fight for, we are all brothers and sisters at the end of the day, sharing the same planet. Iskander Galiev, acclaimed documentary filmmaker known for his role in 9th Company and The Way, shows us how these war-hardened veterans commit their lives to making the world a better place. Battle Brotherhood gives us an inside look at what these men had to endure during times of war and how they overcame adversity in order to reach their goals. The film portrays a tale of three men turning dreams to reality by honoring and awarding fellow veterans for their brave valor and courage.

On April 17, 2010, Marine Sergeant First Class David Lyon tripped over a mine in Afghanistan, causing the loss of both legs above the knee. He came into the hospital riddled with infections, a collapsed lung, and a failing heart. As the doctors worked tirelessly to save his life, they came to the conclusion that if he lived, he would never walk again. David did survive this tragedy, and being of strong will and mind, he confidently told the doctors that he would definitely walk again not only for himself, but to also help and inspire other Disabled veterans.

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