If you attended L.A.’s Largest Mixer on July 19th at the Pasadena Convention Center, you were able to experience the business networking power of the Wavework app!

If you did not already download the app at L.A.’s Largest Mixer, click here to download now and become a part of the who’s who. The world is at your fingertips…literally! If you checked in on Wavework at the event, don’t forget to browse through your history to keep making connections with fellow attendees, sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors.

Wavework is live event networking near you – bringing the power of networking to live events – adding value and opportunity like never before. The Wavework app turns every event into an opportunity for the business-savvy event-goer to network with purpose with potential clients, customers, partners, investors, new hires, or new bosses who they would never otherwise have the opportunity to meet. At Wavework we like to say, “It’s not who you know. It’s who you don’t know.”

To see what’s being said about Wavework, please visit our website here and follow @waveworkapp on social media. And you can read more about Wavework on our LAist article.

Please contact us today at marketing@waveworkapp.com to make Wavework available at your next event to provide a value-added experience for everyone involved. We hope you made some great connections at L.A.’s Largest Mixer and would love to hear all about them – please contact us to share your feedback.

Happy connecting!

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