Laura A Bruno, owner of SBL Consulting, is an author, speaker, trainer and business consultant based in Southern California. Since 2004, she has been helping business professionals and companies understand behavioral styles in order to step to the next level, whether it is growing a business, hiring the right people to fit the company culture or helping an individual find the right career.

Her work includes helping business professionals and companies in these three areas:
• Business Consulting: A ten step proven and effective system on how to make more money, have more fun, build deeper relationships and receive more referrals.
• Online Assessments: Utilize DISC, Motivators, Sales IQ and Judgment for a variety of uses in the professional world, such as, pre-employment testing, finding the right job, increase closing ratios, building positive credibility with colleagues and clients.
• Workshops: Interactive classes that teach people who they are, how to recognize others and how to adjust to build relationships by using DISC the universal language of behavioral styles.

The culmination of her work is in her book, The Blue Circles®, which blends the system of generating referrals with DISC and illustrates how to turn relationships into referrals.

For more information, please contact Laura Bruno: 310.961.6136 or, or visit her website at