Have you attended a networking event wandering around without a clear purpose?   When leaving an event did you feel like you could have made better use of your time and money?

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If this is reminiscent of the last event you attended,  you’re not alone!  A majority of people attend events and just float from person to person hoping something comes their way.  It may possibly work in your favor, if you are lucky.  However the best way to utilize your time at a networking event is to set a goal (or goals) of what you want to achieve.

goalWhen you have clearly defined what goals you want to accomplish, you have a better mindset of how to best invest your time while networking.  Whether it is finding an investor or collecting business cards, it clarifies your purpose other than showing up for the delicous free food.






After you’ve set your goals and find you are still struggling to accomplish it, don’t be shy to ask for a referral or an introduction.  You never know when someone has a connection that would be beneficial for you!  Think positive thoughts and you can achieve any goal you set your mind to!