Helping out in the networking world can mean two things: help out at the event itself (by volunteering) or find a way to help out your contacts.

Call your local chamber of commerce or networking group and find out when they are hosting their next event, and then offer to help out. You can assist with the planning by going to committee meetings. You can also volunteer at the event itself – work the registration desk, be a greeter, make name tags. You’ll have a perfect opportunity to meet everyone at the event and get the inside scoop on who’s who.

During networking events, it sometimes feels like everyone is making a pitch on why you should work with them. Instead of focusing on how others can help your business, create a way to help them instead. This could be by addressing a problem or issue that you know is common within their industry. Then, you’ll have a chance to make the case on how you could be helping them in future.

Being of service can benefit you in the long run. Don’t be afraid to give your all!