Mingle 702 Magazine

Cynthia Spirlin  is an accomplished lawyer, trainer, publisher, mom,  enthusiast, and founder of Mingle 702.

After  graduating  from the University of Southern California,  Cynthia began her career as a contract negotiator for the Department of Defense. This was the perfect opportunity to apply her degree in Communication, Arts and Science and foundation for law school. As a first year law student, Cynthia earned the highest grade in Contracts I and received the American Jurisprudence Award. With her law degree she continued to negotiate various business and real estate contracts and eventually became a creative real estate investor.

From the kitchen table to a class-A office building, negotiating short sales became her niche as a pre-foreclosure investor prior to 2008. Her success as a full-time real estate investor led to form Women Creating Wealth Institute to train women to become financially savvy real estate investors. From 2008 to 2013, her focused shifted to loss mitigation in order to save homes for families caught in the mortgage crisis. She worked with Chase, Bank of America and small law firms to train their staff to negotiate debts and mortgages.

Currently as the Publisher of Mingle 702,  she interviews startups and seasoned entrepreneurs, and mingles with other business owners at networking events from Las Vegas to Atlanta. She also tests new business-related apps, reviews  business books, and discovers restaurant for business meetings. Cynthia is also a follower of fashions trends, creator of business tips and explores the world through the eyes of an entrepreneur.

Cynthia  founded the digital magazine, Mingle 702 in January 2017.  The magazine focuses on local entrepreneurs while offering a global perspective on how to get ahead and stay ahead in this competitive marketplace. Twice a month, Cynthia curates an amazing collection of articles to inform, educate and entertain subscribers.

Cynthia also oversees Mingle 702’s advertising and PR departments.  The multimedia lifestyle brand features a robust number of opportunities  —  from  digital, to events, such as Martini Monday Mixer.

When Cynthia is not at Mingle 702, you can find her meditating, practicing yoga, listening to audiobooks and TedTalks, shopping for new lipsticks, avoiding See’s candies, and networking in high heels.