Dream Rich Clothing is a company that was founded in Los Angeles by Kennan Gardner. His purpose for the brand is to inspire others to Dream Rich; not necessarily in a sense of money, but to follow their dreams and maximize their full potential.

Mr. Gardner believes everyone dreams of becoming a better person. But before a dream is executed, it must first be thought. The goal is to show people how to Dream Rich and that’s through hard work and dedication.

Their shirts, hats, etc, represent what they stand for … Motivation, Unity, Honesty, and uplifting one another. Everyone has obstacles, whether large or small, so one of their missions is to help others to look fresh in their brand while they Dream Rich.

The DREAM RICH CLOTHING brand is universal in that it embodies both the street culture and the corporate world. So just live life, have fun, and always DREAM RICH.

Please visit www.dreamrichclothing.com for more information.