Clark’s Nutrition and Natural Foods Markets have been family owned and operated since 1972.  A leader in the Natural Products Markets Clark’s has a wide selection of Whole and Organic foods, Organic Produce, bulk foods, Dairy and deli items, prepared foods and a full frozen foods selection in all our stores. Clark’s is a leader in Vitamins, Supplements, Sports Nutrition, Herbs and bulk teas, Heath & Beauty products, and Homeopathic remedies. Four generations of Clark family members and employees have continued bringing healthy living to as many individuals that desire a healthy life.

At Clark’s Nutrition, they have a passion in making a difference in the way you shop for health. They pride themselves on providing you with quality products and personalized customer service. They strive to answer your questions to help you make smarter and healthier decisions when buying natural products.  Clark’s Nutrition are here to help you! The heritage of Clark’s Nutrition & Natural Foods Market (CNNFMI) can be traced to the early days of mom and pop health food stores. Jim Clark, the company’s founder purchased the first Riverside location in 1972 in downtown Riverside. In those early days, the public often thought of health food stores as a source for date shakes, carrot juice and hippies. However, Jim had a vision that the industry would grow into what is today a 60 billion-dollar industry.

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