Chicagoans In The Desert, LLC – bringing former Chicagoans together as #onecommunity since 2011. Chicagoans In The Deserts mission is to promote and support fellow #former #chicagoans in business AND in friendship #inthedesert.

IN BUSINESS we serve as a Chamber of Commerce for small business owners who are 1) former Midwesterners now living in the Southern Nevada/Arizona area, 2) employ 2 or more former Chicagoans, or 3) are a Chicago “themed” business. As a “niche” community we focus on loyalty and trust within our Chamber. We become each others mentors and sales staff which helps each of us to grow and succeed.

IN FRIENDSHIP we serve as a Social Networking organization bringing former Chicagoans together to mix and mingle and create new friendships. The commonality of the emotional experience of moving cross country builds bonds for each her in Las Vegas. Again, building a loyal following of people who are ready to #shopchicagoan

In Chicagoans In The Desert you will enjoy the some of the benefits of not only a traditional Chamber of Commerce, but friendships that will enrich, mentor and motivate. We are Chicagoans In The Desert. You’ll feel right at home because #wetakecareourown

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